Our Top 4 Ramadan Themed Ideas

Our Top 4 Ramadan Themed Ideas

We've put together some ideas to create a beautiful Ramadan Display at home. Get inspired with our Top 4 Ramadan Themed Ideas. You can create the look you want while still being environmentally cautious. Remember to utilise resources you have at home before you purchase. We also listed 4 important tips on how to choose your decor sustainably and what to look our for here. 

Our Top 4 Ramadan Themes include:

1. Rustic Boho Style

Bohemian style is a combination of rustic, ethnic and hippy inspired decor with elements of nature and earthy tones. Think rustic wood, native flowers and natural fibres. 

  1. Ramadan Mubarak Banner   Zed&Q
  2. Hand painted wooden dolls   Deen and Dolls
  3. Native flowers from your local florist. You can always opt for leaves and flowers from your garden!
  4. Moon Macrame  Blackbird Knotting
  5. Tree slice or slabs from any second hand store/ fb marketplace or even from your locals
  6. Upcycled frame turned into a beautiful floral feature
  7. Geometric Wooden Moon    Zed&Q
  8. DIY Ramadan Calendar    Get Inspired here
  9. Welcome Print   QUOTEx
  10. Mason Jar Lantern    LITdecor

2. Minimalist Style

Something for the one's who like to keep things very simple. 

  1. DIY Star Garland Jojotastic
  2. Wooden Moon Lantern Lighting By Sara
  3. Wire Star
  4. DIY Ramadan Mubarak Banner Hanae Akabbal
  5. Golden Moon Planter Urban Outfitters
  6. Ramadan Mubarak Banner  QuoteLovin
  7. Cake Topper HafsaCreates
  8. Iron Teal Star Ishka
  9. Golden Glass Vases
  10. Ramadan Dua card (which can be framed and placed as decor)  Rorlanzino 

3. Garden Bliss Style

Why not bring nature indoors? Garden bliss is a combination where vintage meets nature.

  1. DIY Fabric Banner Project Nursery
  2. Islamic Art Print Pillars Design
  3. Break Fast Printable  In My Studio
  4. LightBox Ideas from Mammie Mammie
  5. Paper Honeycomb Balls 
  6. Wooden Crates (find these all over market places)
  7. Fresh stems/ plants in water (contact your local florists for any leftovers or buy them at your local farmers market)
  8. Wooden slice or disks from any second hand store/ fb marketplace or even from your locals
  9. Ramadan 30 Day Activity Calendar  Zed&Q 
  10. Wooden Planters
  11. Botanical Garland HOM

4. Colour Splash Style

For the one's who loves a splash of colour in their home, especially if you have children!

  1. Biodegradable Ramadan Countdown Balloons EmaanBoost
  2. Fabric Ramadan Calendar Hello Holy Days 
  3. Camel Ishka
  4. Phases of the Moon Plaque HuezUnlimited
  5. Printable Ramadan Pack Little Wings Creative
  6. DIY Paper Lanterns Paper Matrix
  7. DIY Masjid Banner WithASpin

We've got these pinned on our Pinterest Sustainable Ramadan Inspiration Board and will be adding to this daily. Let us know which themes your favourite! 



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