Puzzle Paint Kits

Puzzle paint kits are one way children can get creative and have fun while developing fine motor skills! These kits will encourage family bonding and will surely open doors to discussions.  These kits are versatile and are not only limited to children! Frames can be used as a stencil for drawing or can be used for sensory play. 

Some benefits of these kits include:  *Creative thinking    *Develops fine motor skills     *Encourages family bonding      *Learning through play   

Each kit includes:  *200 mm laser cut wooden puzzle (base, frame and pieces).    *2 Paint brushes     *Palette with six wells     *Paint (choose from 4 colours)     *PVA glue

Important Information:

Puzzle paint kits are NOT for children under 5 as they contain small parts. We recommend adult supervision at ALL times especially if younger children are nearby.

Puzzle Paint Kits
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Midnight Moon Puzzle Paint Kit
Midnight Moon Puzzle Paint Kit
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Geometric Star Puzzle Paint Kit
Whimsical Masjid Puzzle Paint Kit
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Whimsical Lantern Puzzle Paint Kit