Meet Zayneb & Sid


We're Zayneb & Sid, the creatives behind Zed&Q.  Zed&Q was born when we first realised

our passion for design, crafting and helping others.

Much of the inspiration behind our handmade products comes from our faith +

the beauty that surrounds us. 


Zayneb Abdullatif


Where I'm from - Melbourne, born & raised.

Favourite Zed&Q product - I'm pretty obsessed with all my products {hehe},   but I must say my keyrings. I have a constant reminder wherever I go! 

Holiday destination I would like to visit - Anywhere with rich Islamic history and architecture.  

Food I can never get enough of - Love my bbq's! 

Favourite Surah in the Qur'an - Surah Ad Duha and Al Mulk.

Favourite childhood moments - Don't know where to begin. I had the best   childhood, literally! We were outdoor kinda kids. I was never bored and always   had someone to play with. I mean with heaps of other siblings around we didn't have to do much to entertain ourselves. 



Sidqie Djunaedi

Photographer/The Go To Man

Where I'm from - Bandung, Indonesia. But raised in Melbourne.

Favourite Zed&Q product - All the wooden products. I love ANY wood products :p

Holiday destination I would like to visit - Japan and Spain. Owh, and Maldives + Raja Ampat in Indonesia. 

Food I can never get enough of - Indonesian food!! All the spicy foods. In particular: fried rice, satay and ox tail soup :P

Favourite Surah in the Qur'an: Ar-Rahman and Yaseen.

Favourite childhood moments -



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