Meet Zayneb & Sid


We're Zayneb & Sid, the creatives behind Zed&Q.  The birth of the brand came

about when we first realised our passion for design, crafting and helping others.

Much of the inspiration behind our handmade products comes from our faith +

the beauty that surrounds us. 


Zayneb Abdullatif


Where I'm from - Melbourne, born & raised.

Favourite Zed&Q product - I'm pretty obsessed with all my products {hehe},   but I must say my keyrings. I have a constant reminder wherever I go! 

Holiday destination I would like to visit - Anywhere with rich Islamic history and architecture.  

Food I can never get enough of - Love my bbq's! 

Favourite Surah in the Qur'an - Surah Ad Duha and Al Mulk.

Favourite childhood moments - Don't know where to begin. I had the best   childhood, literally! We were outdoor kinda kids. I was never bored and always   had someone to play with. I mean with heaps of other siblings around we didn't have to do much to entertain ourselves. 



Sidqie Djunaedi

Photographer/The Go To Man

Where I'm from - Bandung, Indonesia. But raised in Melbourne.

Favourite Zed&Q product - All the wooden products. I love ANY wood products :p

Holiday destination I would like to visit - Japan and Spain. Owh, and Maldives + Raja Ampat in Indonesia. 

Food I can never get enough of - Indonesian food!! All the spicy foods. In particular: fried rice, satay and ox tail soup :P

Favourite Surah in the Qur'an: Ar-Rahman and Yaseen.

Favourite childhood moments -



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