Sustainable Decorating

Sustainable Decorating

Will this item 'spark me joy' or will it end up in landfill?

In the lead up to Ramadan now is the best time to think about how you will decorate your home and the constant need to always buy more! Decorating is how we add our personality to a room, how we make it lively.   A beautiful home should embrace us and make us happy. 


Here at Zed&Q, we believe that we should reuse, rearrange and recycle what we have in the home, then build on this with sustainably designed products. Sustainable decorating is about choosing products that use minimal resources and that can be reused.

Before you get carried away shopping for your Ramadan decor here are some tips on how to get you started while keep it green and saving you money!


1. Make a list and stick to it!

Have a look around your home and write down all the decor items you have. Include the items that can be upcycled.

2. Brainstorm your Ramadan Theme

Have a notebook handy, because ideas will spring at you at odd times (like at 2am!). Now write or make a Pinterest mood board on what you'd like your theme to be for this year. (Remember to keep it simple).  I tend to change mine around each year (using the same materials!). Get on social media and get inspired! 

3. Chose your items

Once you've envisioned your theme, tick the items on your list that you'll need. If you need more items write them down as a side note. 

If you need to get more items, here is a list of what to type of decor to look out for:

1. Natural Material

Opt for decor made from natural materials such as wood over plastics, natural fibres over synthetic, biodegradable latex over foil. If choosing paper, go for decor that's FSC certified or has been recycled. Choose items that also have a natural finish to it rather than toxic coating. They may be a lot more pricey than synthetic products, but they're eco friendly and you won't need to buy new ones any time soon!

2. Handmade Items

Handmade products are made with love and so much character. They can be reused over and over again - saving you money! Some handmade pieces are one off's too, so you can really stand out from the crowd! Most handmade items will cost more than factory made items, but remember you're supporting smaller businesses. 

3. DIY

Get creative and make your own decor! You can upcycle items you have at home or  ones you find for free! Check your local trash and treasure markets for any treasures too! There are many ideas floating around Pinterest. Or you can opt to purchase our Craft Book  (+ get the discounted price too) and create beautiful decor items made from recyclable products in your very own home!

4. Second Hand Shopping

If I had to choose between going out to dinner or a day spent op shopping I'd choose the latter! Keep it green by shopping second hand at your local op shops, gumtree, Facebook market places, flea markets or garage sales to find items at a fraction of its retail price. Better yet, you can find vintage items that no one else has! 

Lastly, shop for brands that have an eco friendly attitude, ones that support environmental organisations or give back to the community. If you have any unused decor remember to donate or sell it. When you support small business you are helping families grow. 

Hope this really helps with your decor planning :)



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