9 Sustainable Ways of Giving This Ramadan

9 Sustainable Ways of Giving This Ramadan

A personal touch makes anything more meaningful, especially when it comes to giving.  Gift giving is one of the acts Rasulullah (saw) recommended us doing. It's a beloved Sunnah, so let's keep this going. Start planning now so you can give more while spending less. 



Here are our top 9 tips on sustainable giving:

1. Give experiences to enjoy and remember

By doing this, you're also giving your time. Go on park outings, play a game the recipient loves, go camping! Remember it's about creating memories. 

2. Services instead of goods 

Think massage vouchers, gym memberships, pay for a swimming lesson maybe even a craft class. Something that the recipient enjoys. 

3. Gift to charities

You don't always have to purchase a physical object. Donate to their favourite charity, plant a tree on their behalf. If it's someone special like you parents get family members to pitch in and purchase a water well for them. 

4. Homemade treats and edibles

Homemade is heartfelt. A gift of edibles is easy on the environment and will be eaten!  Make custom teal blends by dehydrating your herbs and flowers, make pickled vegetables, chocolate cookies or even jam.

5. Repurpose or upcycle

Do you remember when giving a second hand gift was a big NO NO?  Times have changed. Refurbish old furniture, upcycle something you have you know the recipient would love.

6. Op Shop

Shop at your local op shop or thrift shop to purchase something instead of buying it brand new! You'll be surprised at what you'll find. 

7. Educate

Gift something that will give back to the environment, like books on gardening. Even a print with an inspiring ' green' message. A little education can go a long way!

8. Regift

If you have unwanted gifts sitting in your garage, regift them.

9. Gift Plants 

Flowers are really beautiful, however they will not last long. Plants are a prefect way of keeping it green and will last longer!  Plan ahead by clipping your own or ask family members for some clippings so they can be ready for you when you gift. Repot them in cups, jars or cans.

Have you got another suggestion on how to give without taking away from the planet? Let us know below.
    Zed + Q


    Zed + Q

    Inspiring ideas! Thank you so much. I particularly loved the ‘give an experience to enjoy and remember’ idea. We tend to rush to materialistic gifts rather then an actual experience that leaves memorable emotions and everlasting memories filled with gratitude:) Jzk.

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