Montessori Inspired

A variety of Montessori inspired learning resources to enlighten your children. 

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    Montessori Inspired
    28 results
    Walk With Me - Prophet's Timeline
    Arabic Playdough Number Mats
    Surah Journals
    Tawheed Flip Book
    Tawheed Puzzle
    Etiquette of Dua Pack
    Number Disc Counting
    Landform and Bodies of Water Poster + Colour Sheet
    Geography Landform 3 Part Cards
    '3 Principles of Our Deen' Flip Book
    Qur'an Cards
    Qur'an Cards
    'I Spy' Arabic Letters
    Bedtime Sunnah Poster and 3 Part Cards
    A Sound Heart (Qalbun Saleem) Puzzle
    Arabic | I Spy Letter Match
    Arabic | Double Vowel (Tanween)
    Arabic | Short Arabic Vowels & Marks
    Arabic | Word Builder (Level 2)
    Arabic | Bingo Game
    Arabic | Word Builder
    Arabic | Letter Sound Card
    Arabic | Shadow Chart
    Arabic | Word Chart
    Arabic | Alphabet Letter Charts
    Arabic | Illustrated Alphabet
    Human Body Nature & Play Dough Mats
    Human Body Bilingual  3 Part Cards
    Human Body DIY Templates