Product Care Instructions

Zed&Q products are made from organic material which means you will find slight imperfections such as bumps, raised areas, knots and different grains. 

Products made with 3-4mm wood are fragile. This means you'll need to show them extra love and care to ensure they last a lifetime!  Please keep all homewares away from children and handle them with care when displaying or using them.

Hang wooden items with 3M adhesive tape from your local hardware store.

Follow the guidelines to ensure your give your products the proper care they need:

Ramadan Text Panels, Moons and Stars

The Ramadan Collection is made from 3mm plywood. Please hold the text panels along the thickest part of the letters. We recommend using 3M adhesive tape to stick to clean walls. Please do not use blu tac, bend or drop them as these are highly fragile and will break!

Keep these products away from any moisture, water, cleaning products, perfume and other sprays. To remove dust or smudges use a microfiber, soft cloth or feather duster.

Place back in the packaging once they're not in use.

Ink Panels

Ink Panels are made from ultraviolet inks which can bleed if not taken care of. Please use 3M adhesive tape to hang on the wall. Keep them out of direct sunlight as overtime the colours will fade. Do not hang these in wet areas - kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. To remove dust or smudges use a microfiber or soft cloth.

Keep product away from any moisture, water, cleaning products, perfume and other sprays.



Please refer to the above Ink Panels. In addition, wipe the chalk dust with a dry cloth. Chalk smudges may still be present after the first use, but this will eventually fade.   Please lightly spray a cloth and use to wipe the black chalkboard area only. Please do not get any water in contact with the wood as this will damage it. 


Any coffee, tea or water stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Alternatively, you can varnish them. 

Floral Bouquets 

We use 100% real preserved flowers for our wooden plaques. They are fragile, so please do the following to ensure longevity of your bouquets.

Indoor use only and avoid direct sunlight exposure (keep away from windows). Avoid touching florals. Do not put close to a heat source (i.e. heater). Place in an area where humidity is less than 70%. To avoid dust accumulating, please lightly dust with a soft duster every week or so. 


If you have any concerns or questions please email us directly at