Alphabet Matching

Alphabet Matching

I've been collecting milk bottle lids for the purpose of creating activities for Yaseen. I didn't realise how versatile they'll be!

You can use lids for matching games, sorting colours or shapes, learning to twist and untwist, learn phonics, water play, building, play dough stampers and more!  

I've just started with a quick and easy Alphabet Matching game for Yaseen. 

For younger children you can match and develop fine motor skills. With Yaseen, who is now 3.7 years we match alphabets, recall sounds of each letter,  find objects around the house beginning with a chosen letter. I've also printed off images for Yaseen to match up the letter with corresponding image and to also fill in the gap, (more on this a bit later though). 


What you need:

  • Alphabet files (scroll to the end of blog)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Milk Carton lids (I used Aldi's Milk lids)



How to Make:

1. Print off the files below. Begin by cutting the letters on the sheet with BOTH the English and Arabic alphabet. I then laminated mine. 

2. Glue onto the lids. And that's it!

Now your child is ready to develop some new skills and learn both Arabic and English Alphabets. Below are the objects Yaseen found around the house beginning with his chosen letter. There are plenty of ways in which these lids can be used. We will share this on our social media. 

We love seeing your little ones use our learning resources. If you choose to share your images or lessons on social media please tag us @brb_raisingkids or leave a review or comment below.


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