"Why Does Mum Wear A Hijab?" Book Review

"Why Does Mum Wear A Hijab?" Book Review

"Mum, why do you wear a hijab?", asks Yaseen for the 10th time! We're fortunate enough to have books that answer these questions. In this book, ' Why does mum wear hijab?, author Amal Abou Eid goes on to write about reasons why a Muslim mum chooses to wear the hijab.

This book is engaging and appealing. I love the message it sends out to younger children, inspiring them to love the hijab and look at it as something really special. 

It's a beautiful cross cultural book which also covers a few other religions and their special attire.  This story paves the way for discussions about why people choose to wear certain religious items. It's a valuable resource to have which will educate and help eradicate misconceptions about the hijab. 

I know my son will continue to ask "Why do you wear Hijab or Dad, where's your hijab?" so this is perfect to come back too!

Thank you Amal, really looking forward to your other books.
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