"Who will help me make Iftar? " Book Review

"Who will help me make Iftar? " Book Review

Who will help me make Iftar?
is an inspiring book with valuable lessons inside.  It teaches generosity and forgiveness and is an important reminder for adults and children alike!

The main characters are an elderly couple, Mustafa Amca and Ayse Teyze, who always cook Iftar on the first day of Ramadan for friends and neighbours. However, this year Ayse Teyse has fallen ill and cannot help cook. With good spirits he continues this 40 year old tradition seeking help from friends and neighbours, BUT everyone is too busy to help him. This didn't stop Mustafa Amca from cooking up a delicious meal though!


Mustafa Amca is too generous to let their excuses get in the way. At Iftar time he shares his dates and invites everyone to Iftar. Despite them showing guilt, he reminds them that: "God loves those who are generous especially to their families, neighbours, and guests..." This motivates them to clean up while Mustafa Amca and Ayse Teyze enjoy some sweets and tea. 


It's one of those books which portrays emotions.  You feel the warmth between Mustafa Amca and his wife, and you also feel the guilt everyone has when Iftar is ready.

It's a 8.5 x 11" soft cover book with 32 coloured pages. It's easy to follow and great for children aged 4 years +.  The final page has some basic information about Ramadan and also a pronunciation guide (for all of the beautiful Turkish names mentioned). 

Although this book is about the spirit of Ramadan, it's relevant all year round!  It inspires and motivates us to continue doing good despite the little help we get from others. It teaches us that Allah will always help the believers no matter what our circumstances are. We just need to have pure intentions for His sake.

Meet the author Asmaa Hussein HERE. Purchase from www.ruqayasbookshelf.com.

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