"Allah is Al Khaliq" Book Review

"Allah is Al Khaliq" Book Review

Allah is Al Khaliq, by Saba Ghazi Ameen is the first book in the 'Bismillah Early Learners' series by IQRA Publications. 


I purchased this book almost 3 years ago when Yaseen just started crawling and it's a book we come back to quite often. It's a wonderful book about colours which also introduces children to our Creator (Al Khaliq), shapes, animals, letters and rhymes! 

I've not only read this multiple times, but we have also played 'I spy', colour matching and a few other games using this book. Get creative, involve your children and have some fun with this!  I've just started planning Yaseen's preschool lessons and I will be using this book as part of our colour theme lessons.

It's simply written and easy to understand, with colourful illustrations. It's sturdy and safe for little hands - my favourite!

I'm really looking forward to reading more from Saba!
Zed + Q

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