"Faatimah & Ahmed: An extraordinary journey" Book Review

"Faatimah & Ahmed: An extraordinary journey" Book Review

I was filled with excitement when I found out Razeena Gutta (author of the Faatimah & Ahmed series), was creating a book about the miraculous Isra and Miraj journey. 

An extraordinary journey is narrated by Faatimah; a curious little child whose thirsty for knowledge! Her brother Ahmed is always around teaching her fascinating things. After watching the thunder together, he mentions to her that there is an animal that can travel as fast as lightning! With excitement, Faatimah whizzes to her computer and finds out about the Buraaq.  Now she wants to learn about the whole journey. Ahmed has a terrific idea! They decide to create a scrapbook answering all of Faatimah's questions so they can also share with friends. Brilliant thinking!

As the story continues,  Faatimah's scrapbook gets filled up with answers to these questions:
What is Buraaq?
Why is it called Buraaq?
What is the journey of Isra?
What is the journey of Miraj?
What are some of the things that Prophet Muhammed (saw) saw?
What did Prophet Muhammad (saw) learn on this journey?
How long did the trip last?

As they conclude their scrapbook, Faatimah and Ahmed wonder how beautiful the heavens are. They wonder how fast Buraaq really is, and they wonder how much time is needed to pray 50 times a day!

An extraordinary journey is written for children aged 4+. It's a soft cover with 27 pages and is very easy to read! It's full colour and has very cute illustrations!

It's a book I'd definitely use in Yaseen's home education. It makes a great conversation starter and  you can craft own scrapbook too! 
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