"Ramadan Around the World" Book Review

"Ramadan Around the World" Book Review

We love books that bring the Ramadan spirit alive and this book does just that!
Ramadan around the World is narrated by the Ramadan Moon who takes you on a journey around the world to show you how different ethnicities celebrate this blessed month.

It begins with 2 beautiful ayahs of cultural diversity which teaches younger children that Muslims are from all walks of life. It then opens up to a world map - which is handy for people visual people. Children and adults alike get to learn about 13 countries and cities throughout the book. 

What I absolutely love is that this book represents children with different abilities - one is featured on a wheel chair, one with autism and another with diabetes. 
Page spreads show us a glimpse into their cultural traditions, Ramadan practices, delicious food, traditional clothing and some Ramadan decor. 

It's vibrant, fun and filled with beautiful illustrations. It's easy to read and understand. The design and layout is pleasing to the eye! It's got a hard card which makes it more durable!  I'd say this book is great for children aged 3+ years.

Ramadan Around the World opens the door to discussion with Yaseen.  It's not only read during Ramadan, but it's also incorporated into our cultural diversity and geography lessons for our home education. 

I must admit, I did learn a few things about different cultures! I really can't wait until Ndaa's second books get's released, insha'Allah! Thank you for making the Ramadan Spirit come to life!

Meet the Author HERE. Purchase the book HERE.
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