"My Muslim Mate" Book Review

"My Muslim Mate" Book Review

'My Muslim Mate' is a beautifully written book which celebrates acceptance and diversity. Characters Charlie and Khaled are best friends who share common interests and chat about their differences.

The story introduces the audience to some morals and values of Islam including the five pillars of faith, acceptance of other religions and kindness to fellow humans.  It's a much needed book in today's society where racism and prejudice is prevalent!

This book makes a great conversation starter especially with non-Muslims! It's easy to read with lovely illustrations and is the perfect size for little hands!  It caters for children aged 3+ years, however, it's a great resource for adults and non Muslims too. 

At the end there is a detailed glossary and really fun world activities you can spend time doing with your children. I think these brilliant activities can help your children embrace other cultures and accept differences. I know I'll continuously come back to this book for my son Yaseen's (3.9 years) home education. 

Meet the author Amal Abou-Eid and purchase here books HERE.
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