"Migo & Ali: Love For The Prophets" Book Review

"Migo & Ali: Love For The Prophets" Book Review

Migo and Ali is a brilliant story telling book about the prophets - from Adam (as) through to Muhammad (pbuh). It's a book my son Yaseen (3.9 years) constantly picks up to read. 

This read aloud family book is written in an appealing way which engages both adults and children in discussion. At the end of each prophet chapter there is dialogue between Migo and Ali - which is amusing! It's a great way to measure how much information your child has absorbed.

It's a big hard cover book with adorable vibrant illustrations. I love the overall layout of this book. Both text and illustrations are child friendly and inviting. I'd say this book is for children aged 3+  - even adults can learn a few things too!

I've been using this book along side other material to teach Yaseen about the prophets. Alhamdulillah, it really does make a great learning tool!! Can't wait to purchase the next Migo & Ali Book.

Author: Zanib Mian
Zed + Q

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