Simplify Ramadan in 3 ways

Simplify Ramadan in 3 ways

Ramadan is about reconnecting with your creator and regaining that inner peace. How many months of Ramadan need to pass before we actually feel that connection?

For me, last Ramadan felt like a complete failure. I was a new mum with a 3 month old, just trying to make it through the day {and night!}. In fact it felt like I was changing diapers all day, {my subtle advice for singles and couples (with no children yet)– use your time wisely!} My 9 year old step daughter will also be in our care this year and it won’t get easier! But as a family we can always prepare and plan ahead for a simple effective Ramadan.

This year I'm keeping it simple with these three products; 



Ramadan Planner

I got my hands on this ‘all in one’ planner from Emaanboost. It’s simplified and covers everything I need; daily inspiration, unique goal setting, Qu’ran memorisation tracking, acts of kindness, time management, even Eid preparations! This year I’ll be making realistic achievable goals; like memorising a certain Surah or 2 and a few duas. The Qu’ran accompanied with this planner and early mornings is exactly what I need this Ramadan!




Meal Planning + Fitness

Ever feel like you can’t move after iftaar because you’ve just had way too much food? A healthy diet accompanied with exercise is crucial, especially in Ramadan. Thanks to Amina from Amana Fitness, I’ve got my 30 Day Meal Guide + fitness schedule covered. Amina’s Guide is filled with delicious nutritious recipes {including smoothies+ snacks!}, fasting fitness schedules, heaps of information about fasting fitness + more. The only thing left for me to do is go grocery shopping.





Education & Entertainment

I’m keeping it real simple with the children this year. Just a few activities will suffice. We’ve started creating daily activities and inspiration for our Ramadan calendar and we will also be creating a flourishing deeds tree from our Craft Book. I’ve also come across these awesome new cards from Fitra Learning. A pack of 30 illustrated Qur’an Word cards in English and Arabic. Each card allows us to reflect on the surah and also acts as a conversation starter. Knowing me, I’ll probably encourage the children to make a story using these 30 cards. It's all about making learning FUN!


I would love to know how you simplify Ramadan :) 

Zed + Q

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