A Letter To My Son

A Letter To My Son

Children are indeed a blessing from Allah. Their presence will always light up gloomy days. Their little gestures will always make us smile.  As parents, we are the ones who will influence our children the most. Therefore, it’s so important to instill good character and excellence in them; just like our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) advised us so.

Our little Yaseen turns one today! And what a quick year it's been!  A few months ago I found myself thinking about some things I'd talk to him about when his a little older. So I wrote him a letter...


"To my little man,

It has almost been a year since you entered our lives. I still find it hard to believe that you’re here, with us. I didn’t think I’d ever have someone call me mum, but now I do, and I love it! You are amazing and so cheeky! You fill the room with laughter and you smile so graciously. I love the little things you do that make dad and I giggle. Like the way you point your little finger and expect us to touch it. Or when you crawl away so fast giggling until I catch you. People told me to cherish this time and I am, but gosh I miss you already! I miss the way I would hold your little hand and measure it against my own, imagining that one day it’ll outgrow mine. I miss those times when you would get so drunk on milk, that your head would tilt back and you’ll fall asleep smiling. Soon you will grow up into a beautiful young man, so listen carefully. Let my words be a source of encouragement and inspiration.

Remember Allah much and He will remember you. You will go through great tests in life, just go easy on yourself, it’s all apart of Allah’s plans.



Don’t be afraid to let go. Allah will replace whatever it is with something much greater. Have a little more hope and heaps of patience. You see, patience is something needed every single day, throughout every stage in life, whether it be through schooling, marriage or parenthood. It’s okay though, patience and prayer will mend things because Allah is always with you. He is always with As Sabiroon. When you Forgive, do it with all your heart. It takes a lot of courage but the sooner the better. You can finally move on and enjoy life. Remember Kindness is everything. Our Prophet was kind, so be like him. Always choose kindness whether it be a kind word or gesture, because it can change someone’s life. Smile baby, and just keep smiling, the world needs more of it + you have a smile that brightens up my world. Respect for young and old both male and female. And one last thing, stay true to yourself. You are awesome just the way you are.

Love Mum xo"


God willing, I plan to write him a letter each year to remind him of our beautiful Deen. 

What are some ways you remind your child/nieces or nephews about Allah?


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