5 Ways to Welcome Ramadan With Your Family

5 Ways to Welcome Ramadan With Your Family

Ramadan 2020 took us by surprise and surely it's one that we will never forget! We slowed down excessively. We found time to spend with our children. Husbands helped with iftar. Wives joined in for some taraweeh prayers. Yes the masjid's were closed, but in my opinion covid-Ramadan was a bliss! It made us become aware of the importance of family (the blessing some usually take for granted).

You see when the whole family is present and involved, Ramadan becomes extra special. It's all about togetherness!

Here's 5 ways to welcome Ramdan with your family: 

1. Talk about Ramadan Together 

    Start with a supplication. Allah has allowed you to reach this far, ask Him to grant you another Ramadan filled with barakah and increased ibadah. Use this time to talk about past Ramadan memories, what you cherished, what could be changed etc.

    2. Plan Ahead Together 

      Plan Goals - As a family and as individuals. Our family goal for the past 3 years was to choose a surah and memorise 1 ayah per day.

      Plan Meals - Take this time to plan wholesome suhoor's and iftars. This saves time and money!

      Plan Dua Lists - Add a few new ones to your previous lists. Aim to memorise them too. 

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      Plan Kids Activities - For many of us, our children take up most of our time. We must remember that caring for them is also an act of worship. Prepare their environment with activities and books they're interested in. This will reduce stress and free some time for you. We're currently offering 20% on our Ramadan Craft Book. International readers can purchase directly from Amazon HERE

      3. Choose Charities Together

      Research registered charities and masjids where you can donate to every day.  It doesn't have to be a large sum!  Don't forget local community causes.

      4. Sustainably Decorate 

      Build that excitement! Read our 'Sustainable Decorating' post to get a few ideas on how to make this Ramadan memorable. Try to use natural materials and avoid plastic as much as possible.

      5. Discuss Generosity & Kind Acts You Can Do

      Allocate days where you can cook for your neighbour, volunteer at your local masjid or for a toy drive, donate containers of dates for people to break their fast on etc. 

      Enjoy the planning!
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