Introduction to the Concept of Time

Introduction to the Concept of Time

Ideally I'd create a whole unit based on Yaseen's new interest, but with the little time I had I created simple activities instead. These will help introduce him to the concept of time. 

Time Comparison Bars

First, I created these time comparison bars so Yaseen can understand time. The bars will help him realise that one minute is longer than a second, an hour is longer than a minute and so on. Once he familiarises himself with this, we can move on and learn about how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes are in an hour etc. 


I created a cardboard clock and some basic activities for Yaseen to familiarise himself with telling the time on an analogue clock. You can view the activities and craft HERE.

Linear Calendar 

The Linear Calendar is a concrete way of introducing the concept of days, months and years to children. See how we're using it HERE.

Surah al-Asr Clock Puzzle 

I went on to teach Yaseen about what Allah (swt) has told us about time through this Qur'an activity. Read about how I made it an how we're using it HERE. 

I really would love to make a whole unit on this and introduce Yaseen to Al Jazari's Elephant Clock!

We love seeing your little ones create and use our learning resources. If you choose to share your images or lessons on social media please tag us @brb_raisingkids or leave a review or comment below. 

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