Surah al-Asr Clock Puzzle

Surah al-Asr Clock Puzzle

As we continue to learn about time, Yaseen learnt the meaning behind Surah al Asr through this activity.

Surah al Asr is the second shortest Surah in the Qur'an consisting of only 3 ayahs. Allah swt takes an oath on time in order for us to understand how significant it is. Allah mentions that man is in a state of loss,  except those who believe, do righteous deeds and enjoin others to truth and patience. 

We first read the surah together, then picked the keywords.  I briefly explained what each word means with examples.

Time  -  Mankind   -   Loss  -   Believers   -   Righteous   -    Patience    -   Truth

In order for him to learn letter recognition and recite  I made a quick fill in the gap activity. After he filled in the gaps, we read the surah together. He noticed it didn't make sense so he kept trying until he got it right.  He did find this a little difficult, so I placed his Qur'an logbook near him as a reference guide.

He continued to break down the words with his letter lids and as well as write the English word near it. 


After he understood some of the words we moved on to the puzzle. I've crafted a clock puzzle which represents time: What increases our time and what shatters it. Using 2 cardboard pieces,  I cut a circle from one base. Then glued this base onto another board. I let it dry overnight. From the circle shape I previously cut, I drew shapes and also cut them out.  I wrote Arabic numbers around the clock and then wrote some important details relating to the Surah. 


The outer layer indicates actions we do in order for Allah to increase our time and to be successful.

  • Turn your focus towards Allah
  • Plan your day around salah 
  • Rush to help others
  • Reminding others about Allah and to be patient
  • Doing things to please Allah
  • Know time is a blessing
  • Speak the truth
  • Keep good friends
  • Doing beneficial things

The inner layer indicates actions we do that shatters time and increases failure.  Basically the opposite of the inner layer. 

  • Focusing on worldly things
  • Forgetting or delaying prayers
  • Caring about the wrong things
  • Blaming people for their mistakes
  • Doing things to please people
  • Think they have heaps of time
  • Lying and backbiting 
  • Keeping bad friends
  • Wasting time

I asked him,“Let's look at why our time has gone Yaseen". He chose the pieces he was drawn too. 

Based on his piece I read what shatters time, “Focus on worldly things…”. I explained that when we forget about Allah and start focusing on getting a bigger house,  getting more toys etc. this is wasting our time. Allah does not become our main concern anymore, therefore, we slowly start to turn away and forget Him.  “So Yaseen, lets see what we have to do for Allah to put barakah in our time”.  

After placing the matching puzzle piece on the clock, I explained to him that for Allah to bless our time  we need to focus on Him in everything we do. In order to please Allah we can donate our old toys to buy new ones, or we can even buy new toys for children that don't have any. 

Lesson learnt:  Allah has made time so precious that we must use it wisely and focus on doing things that please Him. 

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