Pin the Tail on the Sheep - Eid Game September 23 2015, 0 Comments

Let's make this Eid more memorable with these super fun activities for the whole family to enjoy!!!
This Pin the Tail activity can keep your whole family entertained for hours!


You will need:

Game Printables, Printer, Scissors, Laminator (optional), Blind fold, Blu tac, Whiteboard Marker.


1. Simply print the files and cut out the sheep tails. 

2. Laminate for extra durability (optional).

3. Stick Sheep on the wall and place blu tac behind each tail.

4. In turns, blind fold each child or adult and spin (gently) a few times, then direct them to the sheep.

5. Once child sticks tail on the sheep write their name (on the tail).

6. Each child has one turn and the closest tail near the 'X' wins!

Pin the tail on the sheep Eid game DIY

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