Hajj Puzzle Craft

Hajj Puzzle Craft

I was given an opportunity to collaborate in a Craft Swap hosted by Kiran from @upanotchgifts. I had to choose a craft from my fellow crafter Javeria (@nurturingemaan) to recreate and put my own spin to it. So I chose her beautiful Hajj Puzzle (See it HERE).

I decided to create a multilayered puzzle to teach my children visual discrimination, new vocabulary and hajj rituals. Here's how I made it:


What You Need:

  • x7 Pieces of Cardboard (mine were 15cm x 17.5cm)
  • PVA Glue or Modge Podge
  • Exacto Knife or a Box Knife
  • Pencils

How To Make:

1.  Draw a border around the cardboard ensuring you're at least 1.5cm to 2cm  away from the edge, and then cut.

2. Place the cardboard you just cut on top of another one. Draw another border slightly smaller than the previous and cut. Repeat with all other boards EXCEPT the last one. 

Your cardboard pieces should look like this.

3.  I added little tabs to cut out, so puzzle pieces are easily inserted and taken out. 

It should look like this.

4. Starting from the largest puzzle piece, draw:

  1. Pilgrims in Ihram
  2. Mina Tents
  3. Mount Arafat
  4. Jamarat
  5. Sacrifice 
  6. Ka'bah
  7. Mount Safa, Mount Marwah and Zam Zam (backboard).

The last board should look like this. 

5. Organise the cardboard pieces in order. Spread glue on the back of the second last cardboard (this should be your Kabah piece). Stick firmly onto the last board. Repeat for all others. 


6. Once all the pieces are glues together, place something heavy on top and let it dry overnight. 

And now you're children are ready to play!!

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