Ameenah and Ibrahim's Hajj Treasure Hunt July 12 2016, 0 Comments

Get your children to appreciate and learn about Hajj in this awesome treasure hunt game! 

I organised and conducted this treasure hunt at a children's Hajj party. The kids really had so much fun with this! To make this treasure hunt come to life, start preparing the large cardboard/paper mache props before hand. 


You will need:

Printable Clues, Envelopes, Scissors, Props*, Small paper bags with gifts inside.

*My Props included:

Kabah - made from a box and a black table cloth with gold ribbon

Zam Zam Well, Mt Safa and Mt Marwah - Printed pictures on A3 sheets

Sheep - Sheep Sadaqa box from 'Craft it up this Ramadan and Eid'



1. Cut the clues out and place into separate envelopes. {The number of groups determines how many sets you'll need to print. I have 4 groups so I printed 4 sets of clues.}

2. Below are areas where clues should be placed:

    Clue 1: Give to each group

    Clue 2: Kabah

    Clue 3: Zam Zam Well

    Clue 4: Mt Marwah

    Clue 5: Sheep

Make sure they are hidden! These clues will eventually lead all groups to the Kabah where the gifts should be hidden {under or near}.

3. Read Ameenahs and Ibrahim's story {with clue printable} and then hand Clue 1 to one member of each group.

4. Now grab yourself a coffee and let the children have an amazing experience!


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