Salah Watches

Salah Watches

This is an awesome way for children to keep track of their Salah and always be on time.

These Salah Watches are featured in Little Explorers Magazine, Issue 29, page 14.

What you need:

  • White Paper
  • 2 Toilet Rolls
  • Pencils – yellow, orange, red, white, light blue, sky blue, dark blue and grey
  • Pen
  • Whiteboard Marker
  • Round object to trace
  • Scissors
  • Sticky Tape
  • Laminator and Laminating Sheet

 *Adult supervision required


How to make:

1. Cut toilet rolls in 5 equal pieces to use as watchbands. One toilet roll can make 3 watchbands


2. Cut a line through each piece to fit around your wrist.


3. Use round object to trace 5 circles on the paper and cut. Each circle will be the watch face representing each Salah.

4. Start with the Fajr circle and colour it in using a blue, yellow and white pencil. (See tip below).


5. Continue to colour in all other circles with their appropriate colours –

Dhur- Light blue and white

Asr- Sky blue with a yellow sun

Maghrib- Red, orange and yellow

Isha- Dark blue and grey with a moon and stars.

6. Using your pen, write down numbers 1 to 12 on each circle and draw a tiny dot in the centre.


7. Use a pencil to shade in the hours in which Salah times can be prayed. Shade according to your country Salah times.


8. Laminate all circles and cut the remaining laminate sheet off.

9.  Use your whiteboard marker and draw the arrow hands according to the Salah time in your country.

10.  Attach the circles onto the watchbands using sticky tape.


- To lightly colour the circle, shave the pencil led with a sharpener, then smudge it in using an index finger.

- You can also decorate the bands by drawing with coloured markers or even sticking coloured paper onto it.


Enjoy! We'd love to see your Salah Watches too!

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