A Sound Heart - Qalbun Saleem (DIY Puzzle)

A Sound Heart - Qalbun Saleem (DIY Puzzle)

What favours us in the sight of Allah (God) is the state of our hearts.  What will save us on that Day is qalbun saleem - a sound heart.

Our heart is the most important organ. As we continue with our Human Body studies I wanted to teach Yaseen about the spiritual side of our heart. I made him a heart puzzle which focuses on 7 rights of our heart and cards which describe the 3 states of our heart. 

Verily, Allah does not look at your appearance or wealth, but rather He looks at your hearts and actions.” (Sahih Muslim)

First, we touched upon this hadith and also discussed:
  1. Quality over quantity when it comes to our actions.
  2. Only Allah can see inside our hearts so we have no right to judge others.


DIY Heart Puzzle


  • Template (purchase towards the end)
  • x2 Sturdy Cardboard Boxes
  • Pva Glue
  • Stanley knife or a Box Knife
  • Markers


How to make:

1.  Cut the boxes to have x2 cardboard pieces approx.  27cm x 36cm. Then trace the heart on one piece.

(These were my sizes. I've resized the heart template to fit onto an A4 paper. Cut cardboard that's bigger than A4 size.)

2.  Cut the heart out and use the same board to spread glue on the back. Place this directly on top of the other piece. Use heavy items such as books to place on top and let it dry overnight. 

(I put glue on the backboard instead... not a good idea!)


3.  Trace each template piece onto the heart and cut out. Then write down the following rights or you can add your own :)


I presented this puzzle whole and explained to Yaseen that we need to give our hearts certain things (rights) so that Allah continues to bless us, be pleased with us and so we can enter Jannah, insha'Allah. 

He disassembled the puzzle and with each piece he chose, I explained to him what it is, it's opposite and an example. 

We then discussed the 3 states of our heart. After explaining, Yaseen matched them up until he was confident enough. 

A sound heart never gets tired of the remembrance of Allah. It feels pain upon sinning and missing an act of obedience. It's concerned with the quality of the deed rather that quantity. This was a real eye opener for me and it really made me think about the state of my own heart!

I've added this dua for Yaseen to learn and colour in. 

Purchase the template below.

I've also created this in paper form which includes:   coloured puzzle, 2 heart templates (for younger and older children), a state of the heart + description card set and  dua colour sheet.



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