'The Best Dua' Book Review

'The Best Dua' Book Review

The Best Dua, by Mariya bint Rehan, takes you on a colourful journey to Makkah where one little girl  Khadija learns something incredibly valuable; the most important dua.

After witnessing thousands of people raise their hands in dua, curious little Khadijah asks her father about it. Here he teaches her an important lesson about Allah being 'As Samee'- the All Hearing. 

No doubt parents play a huge role in their children's upbringing, and this book reminds us about it. It's such a simple yet powerful storyline which will help encourage the habit of making supplications. Most importantly, it'll teach children (and adults) to not only make sincere dua for small and big things, but to make the most important dua for Iman and beneficial knowledge. 

This is the first book published by Mariya and it's brilliant! It's excellent quality with a hard cover and is small enough to fit into your hand bag. It's illustrated in great detail, making it truly captivating for our eyes. I'd say it's perfect for readers aged 4-10 years old.

I'm really looking forward to reading more of Mariya's books Insha'Allah.  Meet the author HERE. Purchase from HERE.

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