'Mustafa & Arwa Go On A Wudu Adventure'  Book Review

'Mustafa & Arwa Go On A Wudu Adventure' Book Review

I finally got my hands on the whole series of 'Mustafa & Arwa Adventure' books and they are delightful! It's important for parents to instil the love of Islam in their young children, and books like this do just that!

Mustafa & Arwa Go On a Wudu Adventure is written by Mekram Mohammad from Muslim Pillars. The first thing I was drawn to were the adorable characters and illustrations! They're super cute!

Mustafa & Arwa are siblings who take you on an adventure as they make their way through Wudu. They begin with Bismillah and end it by washing their feet with flamingos!  I love how some pages focus on wudu steps children may miss such as in-between fingers and toes. 

It's so easy to read and written in a playful rhyme which makes it so captivating for children (I'd say aged between 1-5 years).  The illustrations are really cute and bright which makes it more interesting!   
It's 24 pages and a handy size for little ones (21.5cm). I would love to see this in a board book in the future. 

The book ends with the Hadith, "Cleanliness is half of faith" and a wudu glossary which can be used as a conversation starter with older children.
This book is an enjoyable read which has become household favourite.

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Meet the author HERE. Purchase the book HERE.  

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