The Morning and Evening Adhkar Shield

The Morning and Evening Adhkar are a collection of prophet du’aas to be recited in the
morning between Fajr and sunrise, and in the evening between ‘Asr and sunset.
The idea is to create a routine for you and your child to learn these adhkar and recite
during the allocated times, in order to reap the rewards and stay protected.

The booklet contains:
Cover, General introduction, Importance of adhkar, The greatest protection: Ayat al Kursi The 3 Quls, The best way of seeking forgiveness, Ask Allah for a good day/evening, For good health and protection, Protect yourself from all harm, To be pleased on the Day of Judgement and Powerful dhikr.

What's included:

- 1 A3 Shield Tracker

- 1 A4 Adhkar Booklet

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