Before Zed&Q

I faced a lot of criticism for the personal choices I made growing up.  I was
running my own craft business, working as an RN, volunteering for many
projects and just really wanting the best for myself. {I mean who doesn't?!} 
After being overwhelmed with what I faced I moved out of home
for 2 years.

Coming from a large family of 10, I was always surrounded by people!
Being away from them was one of the hardest things I endured.
For many months, I was literally hiding behind a smile.Things had really
changed. Had little interactions with them.  

My parents always reminded my siblings and I to maintain relationships.  
Remembering this, I knew I had to step out of my comfort zone to reconcile
hearts. Throughout these 2 lonely years I finally found the courage to do so!                                                                                    

During Eid al Fitr, I mailed personalised magnets & postcards to family and
close friends. {Yay! I finally did it!} I saw an immediate response and realised
how this had benefited them. All the broken pieces were slowly coming together
Being touched by what had happened, I decided to design magnets &
cards which could also inspire and benefit others.  

And that's what I continued doing!

Ever since, people have been thanking me for giving them the motivation to step
up and do what’s right. I'm forever grateful with everything I face now,
because I know there is greater wisdom behind it!                                                             
We need to understand that whatever Allah has written for us will always be in
our favour, regardless. He only wants good for His servants. When one door
closes, others begin to open.    
So, stay positive and join us on our journey where we will continue to educate,
motivate and inspire you through faith!

Zayneb  x