Fun with Felt {DIY Felt Board}

Fun with Felt {DIY Felt Board}

I LOVE repurposing unused things around the home. We've had this picture frame for years and I simply couldn't get over the idea of a felt board. It's been around for years and I think it's about time I made one.


What you'll need: 


What to do:

1. Measure and cut your felt pieces according to the size of your board.


2. Turn board over, fold the edges then staple.


3. If using 2 felt pieces, glue the centre where the 2 pieces meet. I've also added a frame to mine.


4. Time to have some fun! This can also be used leaning in the wall! 



Little Yaseen plays with this for quite some time without getting distracted! This gives me enough time to sit and actually finish off some work! 

*UPDATE: I made these felt board a few years ago, and Yaseen who is now 3.7 years old still uses it!  We've hung it to our wall using 3m Adhesive Strips.



Zed + Q

This is gorgeous, mashallah! Hats off to your dedication, mama! Can I ask how the felt characters stick to and come off the board?

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