6 Ways to use our Number discs

6 Ways to use our Number discs

We want your children to establish a profound love for the Arabic language, so following the successful launch of our Arabic alphabet discs, we decided to create bilingual number discs.

In the Montessori environment, mathematical concepts are first presented to children using concrete (hands on) materials. Children first learn quantities from one to ten through a variety of materials like the number rods, counters and beads. During this stage, the correct language of numbers is also taught.  
Once children are comfortable with concrete materials and language of numbers, mathematical symbols are introduced.  
These number discs will assist children in their maths journey making it hands on, engaging and enjoyable!

With the purchase of the number discs, you'll receive a FREE counting + number recognition digital download (see idea #2). For more details, view our bilingual number discs HERE.

I've listed some ideas on how you can use these number discs below:

1. Number Counting - 

Lay discs in order and place a tray filled with seeds or counters. Invite your child to place seeds under the discs corresponding to each number.

2. Counting & Number Recognition -

Have your child count the objects then place the discs on the sheet. 

3. Recognition through Sensory Play - 

Have your child create the number with nature finds or even play dough!

4. Number Tracing - 

Fill a tray with sand, flour or polenta. Child uses finger to trace the grooves of the number. Then attempts to mimic the letter in the tray. Child will be able to SEE the number, HEAR the sound and FEEL the number by tracing it. Alternatively, child can just trace the grooves. 

5. Chronological Order -

Randomly place 3-5 discs in front of your child, then have them place discs in chronological order. Once they master this, try adding a timer to make it challenging and more interesting. 

6. Word Building -

Practice word building and spelling by having your child identify each letter of the number disc. 

We hope this blog has been beneficial for you and your child. For more great ideas read our blog post "31 Ways to use the Arabic Discs" . We encourage you to keep going and continue to make learning fun and fresh for them, insha'Allah. 

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