"Just to Please Allah" Book Review

"Just to Please Allah" Book Review

Here’s another great learning tool I can use with Yaseen.  We've only just received these books and so far Yaseen has picked them up numerous of times. He has memorised 2 out of 5 pillars.  And now, after everything he does, he says 'I did a good deed' with a smile,  Alhamdulillah!


These ‘Just To Please Allah’ books, by Rabia Bashir, are fabulous!  Both the ‘Five Pillars’ & ‘Good Deeds’ books have been beautifully written into Islamic rhymes which can be chanted along the tunes of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat.’



Highly interactive books that are filled with colour and are easy to follow. The  detailed illustrations make it easer for younger children to understand and grasp on what is being said. My 2.8 year old, Yaseen, already points out things he knows like the children making wudu and praying etc. He also tries to tell the story using the illustrations.



The very last pages are hands on. The ‘Five Pillars’ book has a flap page where children can answer the questions and flip to the answer. Which we absolutely love!! 


The ‘Good Deeds’ book has a line puzzle which also acts as a memory game. 


Here's a little added BONUS: Visit their website and watch the sing along. Yaseen really enjoys it!

Purchase the book and meet the author here.

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