Craft Book Review from Ramadan Ready Ideas and for Eid Too

Craft Book Review from Ramadan Ready Ideas and for Eid Too

From the lovely Omaira of 'Ramadan Ready Ideas and for Eid Too'. Here's what she had to say;

'There are a few things in life that I love a lot: my son, upcycling, and arts and crafts are definitely in my top ten. Now add a chance to do arts and crafts with my son where he can be as creative as he wants using things we probably already have in the house, sounds pretty awesome to me. But wait, it gets better. Take all those things and then add in a Ramadan craft book…say what?!?

Exactly. Bliss.

I had chance to review a sampling of the recently released book by Zayneb Abdullatif of Zed&Q entitled: Craft it Up, this Ramadan and Eid.

The layout is very inviting, even for the non-crafting parent who may be struggling to harness their child’s creative streak. I was impressed with all the options available including sections on tips for parents about upcycling, craft tools and other useful tips. There are also sections on basic sewing and basic cooking. So you can go into this book with a blank slate, and it’ll tell how to start from. The. Very. Beginning. You. Don’t. Need. To. Know. ANYTHING!

Whoa moment. Right?!?!

Then you get to the crafts. And we are talking about over 75 pages of how to take egg cartons and make then into something so cool, so awesome, your children will nominate you for the best ever parent award if there ever was a contest for the best ever parent. But we can dream…and drink an extra cup of caffeine sans children and call it a day. But not really.

Each crafting section includes a prelude about Ramadan and Eid. Love this!! Just simply sets the tone. Each craft is filled with a number of pictures so you can make sure you’re doing it right every step of the way. I mean who hates it when you cook something and then you have no idea if it looks the way it’s supposed because no one put a picture up?

Am I right?!?

Finally, you’re given a series of templates to help you with the crafts, and a good deeds activity list. All useful, and all necessary to really Craft it Up this Ramadan. (Nice segue, right?!?!)

We’ve already chosen the crafts we’re going to start with. I’m armed with my glue gun and egg carton and an eager beaver kid, ready to go. Grab your copy from Amazon or directly from ZedandQ and enjoy a crafty (the good kind!!) Ramadan!!'

Zed + Q

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