Surah Journals

Surah Journals are a great way to understand what Allah is telling us in the Qur'an.

Inspiration for the journal came from the way the companions learned Qur’an. They would learn 10 verses from the Messenger (saw), understand the knowledge and deeds they contained, then will move on to the next ten.

This is a simplified journal for children aged 5+. The idea is to memorise and understand the surah, then implement what they have learned, insha’Allah.

Surah Al Ikhlas Journal includes: 

- Mini Tafseer, 
- Surah in English and Arabic,
- Surah Word by Word,
- Write the Ayah Translation Sheet,
- What is this Surah about? sheet,
- 3 of Allah’s Names Sheets,
- Surah Facts,
- My Reflection Sheet
- New Words + Action Plan Sheet and
- Two blank pages. 

You will receive:

- Instructions and information on putting your book together
- 1 A4 Flip Book File 

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