Prophet Adam (as) Sequencing Cards

What are Sequencing Cards?

Sequencing is a skill we use to break down an event into small steps and then put the steps in order. It's a skill needed to help retell a story or explain how to perform tasks (think craft tutorial) so others can follow and understand.

Benefits Include:
  1. Build vocabulary
  2. Learn to sequence events and actions
  3. Develop narrating and storytelling skills
  4. Learn and use sequence words (first, once, to begin, then, after, next,  finally, soon etc)
  5. Develop reading comprehension

This file includes: 20 sequencing cards (10 images and 10 story texts).

Size: A4 (21cm x 29.7cm)

How To Use Sequencing Cards:

1. Present these cards explaining each image.
2. Explain that "every story has a beginning, middle and end."
3. Ask your child to match the cards with numbers. (I've numbered the back as a reference.)
4. Muddle cards, then ask your child to place them in order while asking him/her questions like: 'what's going to happen next?' , 'what happened before?' etc.
5. If they’re old enough, ask him/her to self asses using numbers on the back.
6. Ask them to retell the story in order using the cards as an aid.

  • Felt numbers not included
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