The Orphan Village + OSU

We are just 2 down to earth people who adore children! We have both been working hard to support orphanages since we were in high school, in one way or another. One of our long term goals AND dream is to build orphanages, God willing. 

Br Abdullateef is someone who we’ve been following for a really long time. His one of a few people who has been assisting orphans in Syria since 2012. His work is simply outstanding! He has touched so many lives and we want you to be a part of that too. 

That's why we are supporting orphans and an orphan village via OneSolidUmmah!

OneSolidUmmah is a 100% non-profit volunteer group that does charity and humanitarian work in Syria.

The orphan village (currently under construction) is an entire place dedicated to Syrian orphans! This is their home; a home where they'll feel safe, be able to live, get educated, pray, learn Qur'an, and most importantly, be around those who love them!

OSU Orphan Village

Supporting them means helping build sustainable futures and communities!

OSU Orphans on Eid 2016

OSU Orphans on Eid 2016

Photos courtesy of OSU

We believe every child has a right to feel safe, nurtured, educated and most importantly loved.

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