For all booklovers! May 26 2014, 0 Comments

Were you a bookworm at one stage? As a child i loved reading books. Fast forward 15 years, now I really don’t have time to finish the book I had started!  However, thanks to my new Bookmark Charms, I may get a little more excited about opening  a book again and actually finish what I once started!

So, what made me start making them?

I love making things- especially things that help inspire and educate. The main reason behind it was to encourage children to read; especially the Qur’an. Coming from an Islamic upbringing, I saw children neglect the Qur’an, rather focusing on more desired things like completing new stages on their PS & Nintendos!

 Hopefully the coloured ribbons and funky charms attract them to read at their own pace in their own time.

After I started making them a few months ago, the response has been amazing! Check out the reviews from my customers;

“My kids don't want to put their books down now, thank u These are so pretty , I will be definitely be returning for more”

“These bookmarks are just adorable. They actually encourage you to read. They're too good to keep on the shelf. Perfect for all ages..” 

“Thank you for the book charms I received!  The perfect idea ever :) have one for each of the books I'm currently reading. 

Thanks for reading!