Sustainable Iftar

Sustainable Iftar

As Muslims we should be thinking about our lifestyle choices. As Ramadan approaches, we need remind ourselves of the blessings Allah has given us (and to be aware of our food consumption!) I see many people over doing it during Ramadan and it really tarnishes the Ramadan spirit. 

We've listed 7 ways you can have a blessed Iftar without taking back from the planet:

Meal Plan

Meal Planning not only saves you time and money but it will save food wastage. Dedicate a day to do this. List down 5-10 meals that can easily be prepared. You can even prepare meals and freeze before Ramadan. We've made life simple and created a Ramadan weekly and monthly planner HERE.

Shop Local Produce

Shopping fresh local produce will help minimise the emissions from travel and transport. It's more fresh and you're supporting local farmers! 

Skip the plastics

Plan to have a zero wastage Ramadan. Use glass or reusables whenever you can. If you're hosting a huge iftar you can opt for biodegradable plates and cutlery. If invited out for Iftar BYO bottle, containers, straw, bag and cutlery. 

Any Leftovers?

Please do not throw these out. Get creative and make new meals for the next day or give some to your neighbours. If you're eating out, remember to take your containers to take leftover food home (otherwise restaurants will toss these out!)

Food scraps?

Did you know you can make some delicious veggie stock with your veggie scraps? Composting is also great for the planet and your garden! Get online and learn about it now!

Portion control

Use a smaller plate to avoid overeating. This makes your plate look full but it's actually a smaller amount than what you'd usually eat. 


Recycle and avoid wastage wherever you can. Write a list of ways you can recycle or use less around the house, especially the kitchen, i.e save water, reuse oil etc.

Have you got any other tips? Please let us know below :)

    Zed + Q


    Zed + Q

    Really love these tips. Thank you!

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