Creating the Ideal Prayer Area

Creating the Ideal Prayer Area

Nurturing our soul and building a positive relationship with Allah will help us overcome many tests. We will eventually see ease in our hardships and finally begin to feel some sort of relief. 

Why is having a prayer area important?

We're so busy with life that we often forget to slow down and thank Allah for the gifts He has given us. We designate areas to study, to eat, to play, but we overlook our Salah. 

As mums, we're on our feet caring for others and often neglect ourselves in the process - spiritually and mentally! Therefore, our relationship with Allah begins to suffer. We need to slow down and refill our cup every single day. We need to reconnect ourselves with Allah. 

In these past few years I've been slowing down and really focusing on ways to build my Jannah. A few months ago I created my own prayer area. A place dedicated to uplifting me spiritually and mentally.  A place where I can retreat too. A place where my children can also get inspired and motivated to pray often. 

How it has helped me...

  • I'm slowly starting to enjoy my Salah.
  • It helps me practice mindfulness. 
  • My prayer area motivates me to sit for a longer time reflecting and being grateful.
  • I'm exposing my sons to a lot more prayer and dhikr (remembrance of Allah).
  • By fulfilling my daily prayers and doing some extras it makes me a happier Muslimah
  • I can finally access all my soul essentials in one place! No more running around trying to remember where I've put them.
  • It serves as a reminder that this world is a temporary enjoyment!
  • I can sleep peacefully knowing that more of my time is becoming used in a way that's pleasing to Allah. 


How to create the ideal prayer area within your home:

  1. Choose a special area that's best for you to pray. Think about space and less distractions. My dedicated area is besides my bed. A place that's well lit and spacious.

  2. Choose a prayer mat.  For me, a minimalist design means less distractions. 

  3. Place a small bookshelf or table for your Qur'an, Dua books and other items.

  4. If you have a bare wall, find motivational ayahs and quotes that will aid you when making duas and help uplift you mentally. You can use quotes from old diaries and calendars.

  5. Add some nature. It'll enhance your mood :) 

  6. Optional: Add a basket for your mat and prayer clothes once you've finished.

  7. Make it smell inviting. Spray perfume on your prayer mat or use an air diffuser in the room.

  8. Make dua that Allah blesses this area for you and that the ground you pray on bears witness to your worship. 


If you have children, invite them to pray with you every now and then. By seeing you pray they'll imitate you and start enjoying Salah. You can go a step further and create their own prayer corner too. 

I really hope you have found this beneficial! Please share your prayer areas with us @zedandq

Now go on, inspire others! Share your prayer corner with family and friends, so you can gain the rewards too!

Zed + Q

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