How To Get Spiritually Ready This Ramadan March 18 2019, 0 Comments

Ramadan will always be there, will we?
We're 5 week away and the question we should be asking ourselves is Am I spiritually ready?  
We've listed a few tips to get you ready Insha'Allah:

A)   Declutter and clean your home to welcome the special month

    B)   Complete all important tasks that will distract you during ramadan, like:


      Meal Planning
       - Organised By Fatima has put together a wonderful blog about 'How to start Meal Planning'.
















      Gift Shopping (including Eid clothes!)
      We've made this a little easier with
      our Eid Gift List (purchase it here.)






      Business / work tasks - Plan your social media posts now, complete blogs etc. 

      Also delete apps that will be a distraction for you. 

      C)   Decorate with the kids.  Allow them to fall in love with this month and learn while they see you prepare. (Craft it up this Ramadan and Eid is currently on SALE, buy it here + get your FREEBIE)



      D) Complete any obligatory fasts owing. Mondays and Thursdays can be a great start. Have a fasting buddy if it's too hard. Modest Munchies has a great Missed Fast Tracker downloadable!




        E)   Ramadan is no excuse to slouch around! Stay fit and healthy with Amanah Fitness. This brilliant website covers EVERYTHING you need for a healthier Ramadan.


        F)   If you don't pray on time establish the habit now. Wake up a little earlier for Fajr. Have your wudu made before prayer times. 



        G)   Read Qu'ran daily (even if it's just an ayah or a page). Have a Qur'an buddy who will check up on your progress. 




        H)     Prepare your duas and learn how to make them sincere. 


        I)   Get yourself a Ramadan Journal - Emaanboost has a great Ramadan Journal. It’s simplified and covers everything! 




        J)    Start forgiving those who have wronged you and ask for forgiveness from those you have wronged. 


        Alhamdulillah, I'm sure there are a lot more tips I haven't covered, so please list them below :)