6 Ways You Can Use Our Keyrings

6 Ways You Can Use Our Keyrings

It started with a gift from my father; a $100 note. I'd usually go and spend it, but I held on to it and later decided to invest it into Zed&Q. I'm glad I did, 'cause that's when our baby product emerged - our Wooden Keyring.  You remember right, back in 2014?!   Feels soo long ago!

We saw them as beautiful products which carry heartfelt reminders. We just didn't know how versatile they'll be! We had the intention of reminding you about Allah wherever you are. 


Here are 6 ways you can use our Wooden Keyrings:


1. Sometime things don't need to be changed. Keep them as they are. They serve their purpose, right?

2. Don't hold keys? That's ok. These Keyring's can be transformed into MAGNETS! Just remove the metal ring and add some adhesive magnet to the back. I added some twine for a rustic look.

3. School Bag, Work Bag, Handbag - which ever bag you hold, yes, they serve well as BAG TAGS! You can either remove the metal ring or keep it! Just loop some cord or twine through the plaque and tie onto your zip handle. You can add some beads too. 

They also look really cute on pencil cases too!


 4. Ever wanted to add that special touch to a gift? effort Gift Tags really make you smile!


5. They can be used as reminder decor in your home or car. Just loop some cord or twine thought the plaque and hang around object ie. mirror, frame, vase etc I've added a few feathers on this one. 



6. Lastly, they can be used as wall art or in this case can be framed! 


We've used every single one of these ideas and alhamdulillah they have served us well!

Have you got an idea thats not mentioned above? Let us know below.

Zed + Q


Zed + Q

So so beautiful! Baraak Allahu feeki!

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