Haji says Thank You!!

Haji says Thank You!!

We are just 2 down to earth people who adore children! We have both been working hard to support orphanages since we were in high school, in one way or another. One of our long term social goals is to build an orphanage. Hopefully, it's not too far away! God willing.

In the mean time, what we can do is sponsor orphans to help build sustainable futures and communities. We believe every child has a right to be nurtured, educated and most importantly loved.

Meet Haji, a 10 year old orphan we've sponsored and it's all thanks to you guys!!

He loves studying and one day hopes to become a teacher and educate his community and orphans just like himself.

"Everyone is hit by poverty in my village. I need funds to help my schooling and also to help sustain and protect from child trafficking/smuggling as well."

We couldn't be more happier!! Thank you!

- Z + Q -

Haji has been sponsored through World Orphan Fund (WOF). With their 100% donation policy we can assure every cent is spent on Haji :)  

Find out more about WOF


                                                              Photo courtesy of WOF

Zed + Q

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