Together we did make a difference!

Together we did make a difference!

The ongoing conflict in Syria is one of the world’s worst catastrophes. Sadly, many of us have become desensitised to the brutality that’s constantly happening inside Syria.When will we accept the reality that it’s our brothers and sisters out there fighting for survival!

We (Zed&Q) are supporting registered humanitarian organisations inside Australia. November 11, 2013 marked the beginning of our $1 campaign to aid the Syrian refugees in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. It has now come to an end with a figure of $10,810 raised from both profits and donations!

December 14, 2013- Just over a month later after starting this campaign $6,503 was raised to assist ‘Global Humanitarian Aid Australia’ purchase much needed heaters and gas cylinders. Alhamdulillah, this covered 13 Syrian families for that bitter cold winter. 

After witnessing the endless help these Syrian refugees needed, we decided to keep the campaign going.  Winter was still around so we continued this campaign along with ‘Help Syria through the Winter’ to purchase heaters, blankets, baby formulas, rice, flour, can food, shoes, clothes and other necessities etc..

Oh my! After seeing distressing live footage from Al Yarmouk Camp it was desperately needed! The first few weeks we raised enough to purchase food packs and clothing from the Netherlands. These were sent via container shipments into Syria itself.

January 31, 2014, an Australian Delegate from the Help Syria Campaign joined the Medical Convoy in Syria to hand deliver the goods. Thousands of Syrian refugees, men and women were witnessed lining up, waiting patiently to collect their food parcel. But life’s not easy in Al Yarmouk Camp-no identity no food parcel! It’s really a matter of life or death! 

After speaking to the delegate myself, it was time to assist purchasing ambulances, medication and medical equipment including; wheelchairs, crutches and stretchers, for the elderly, injured and those facing sever medical conditions.

Many refugees had witnessed horrific scenes and were traumatised by the conflict. Refugees were seen leaving  the campsite with nothing but the clothes on their back. Leaving their families and homes behind, waiting patiently to be reunited on the other side.  

Many thanks goes to those individuals who purchased our products, donated and simply helped spread the awareness. Thousands of lives have been touched! Together we did make a difference!

-Zed + Q-

Image Below: Photo courtesy from Global Humanitarian Aid Australia- Gas heaters and cylinders purchased 


Image Below: Photo courtesy from Global Humanitarian Aid Australia- beginning of distribution. 


Photo courtesy from the Australian Delegate- Fresh bread and some food parcels ready to be delivered inside Al Yarmouk Camp

Image below: Photo courtesy from the 'Help Syria' Australian Delegate- One of the 4 Ambulances purchased to help refugees facing sever medical condition and complications. 

Image below: Photo courtesy from the 'Help Syria' Australian Delegate- UN assisting refugees.

Zed + Q

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