$1 Campaign to aid the Syrian Refugees

$1 Campaign to aid the Syrian Refugees

Seeing tears of sorrow; hearing cries of mothers; screams of children and the pleas for help… What was a girl to do? The feeling of helplessness crept inside realising that the Syrian refugees will face yet another harsh winter, making conditions much worse! They have nothing but a tent over their head! Heavy rain and freezing wind blow through their tents on a daily basis, can you survive?

As part of our Zed&Q socio strategy, we have been running a ‘$1 Campaign to aid the Syrian Refugees this Winter’. The response has been overwhelming! Alhamdulillah (All Praise to God) since November 2013, thousands of dollars in both profits and donations has been raised. This has been assisting thousands of Syrian Refugees inside Syria, Turkey & Jordan purchasing much-needed heaters, blankets, clothing, food and medical supplies.

We will continue this campaign until the 18th of May, 2014. Without a doubt your contributions help immensely! Please continue to support us by either purchasing from zedandq.com, donating  or simply by spreading the awareness. Please visit our Facebook Event Page to find out how you can help.

Our next blog will cover the amount raised, what & where money has being spent. Visit our facebook event page for updates.

Photo courtesy from an Australian delegate who joined the Australian Medical Convoy in January 2014.Picture taken in Al-Yarmouk Camp, Syria. Thousands of men and women are seen waiting their food parcels. 




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