Yellow Cow Mask Craft

Yellow Cow Mask Craft

We just couldn't stop at a book review! The Yellow Cow has become one of our household favourites.  So we created a fun craft you can make with your little ones. I made this mask for my 3.5 year old, so it is pretty small.

If you haven't read our book review on The Yellow Cow, read it HERE.

What You Need:

How To Make:

1. Cut the template out and then start tracing it onto the felt.

2. Cut out the felt pieces.  Then roughly cut out the 'no sew' tape and lay it onto the back of the hair, horns and eyebrow pieces.

3. You'll need to add heat to bind it all together. I used a steam iron, but a normal iron will be much easier. Correctly position all pieces onto the yellow face.  Place iron directly on top of the hair, horns and eyebrow pieces for  6-10 seconds.

4. To attach ribbon, hole punch or cut a little slot on each side of the yellow face. Then add a ribbon and tie a BIG knot.  NB:  To make this more durable, I sewed a thicker piece of fabric ribbon on each side.

Knotted Ribbon version..

Sewn Fabric Ribbon version..

If you're making this awesome fun craft, do share your images on social media and tag @zedandq :)

Happy crafting!

Zed + Q

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