Skills and Ideas with Puzzle  Boards

Skills and Ideas with Puzzle Boards

Children absorb everything around them and start developing everyday skills at such an early age!  Puzzle boards are just one of many amazing tools which help them develop these skills through playing. So what skills can your child learn from Puzzle Boards?


Children learn how to hold, grasp and release, control and position their fingers, rotate and pinch whilst trying to place shapes back in their spots.


Children enhance their gross motor skills through stacking the shapes and animals.


Children learn to determine differences or similarities in shapes, recall visual traits and develop hand-eye co-ordination.


Children develop and increase their vocabulary when we create a language rich environment. 


Children learn how to figure out where puzzle objects fit and don't fit in a logical way. 

Children stay focused while developing a strategy to work the puzzle faster and more efficiently. 


Our puzzle boards are designed to grow with your child. Here are some ideas how your child can learn through play.

Puzzle sorter


Match Up *

We've created 3 part cards for the purpose of playing match ups (younger children) and increasing vocabulary and learning how to spell (for older children).  


You can also
use the Montessori 3 Period Lesson with these 3 part cards and puzzle board:

The Montessori 3 Period Lesson:

Period 1 - Name the objects:   "This is a Triangle."

Period 2 - Recognition and Association: play games to see which objects your child can identify. Say, "show me the Triangle."  He shows you the Triangle, and then say, "You found me the Triangle." If he chooses the wrong item, say something like "Oh, you found the Star." Take a mental note of what he got incorrect and after a minute or so return to period 1 to relearn the names.

Period 3 - Testing or Recall (Cognition): When you know your child has mastered the name of the object,  point to the Triangle and say, "what is this?"


Shadow Play

Creative Drawing


These Animal Cards are an extended learning resource designed to make your child love the Qur'an and assist them learning in fun ways. 

Here are a few ideas on how to use them, but feel free to get creative and experiment with the way your child learns best!

1. You can help your child find the Animal in the Qur'an. We've added the surah and ayah to make it easier. 
2. Once found, you can teach your child the Arabic name, then the story or lesson behind the ayah. You may need to research this before hand. 
3. Get your child to pick an animal and retell the story of what they've just learnt through drawing/writing.
4. Talk to your child about the characteristics of these animals. What makes them so special?
5. Hold the cards up and ask your child to imitate the animal sounds/actions.

Sensory Play

Use beans, seeds, play dough or nature items like flowers to fill in the board shapes.

We hope this blog inspires you to make heaps of memories with your child while they flourish in their own environment. You can view our children's range HERE.

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