Sewing With Little Ones

Sewing With Little Ones

Sewing is something therapeutic for me and it’s a skill I'd love my children to learn! My preschooler started sewing when he was 3 - basic hand stitching with felt. He refused the plastic yarn needles, but jumped right into the sewing needles. Of course this came with heaps of needle pricks, but he persisted.

So what sparked my preschoolers interest?

He sees me
  • Sew buttons
  • Mend clothes
  • Make sewing crafts
  • Sew his learning materials

How do I encourage this skill?

I create an environment: I put together a sewing basket for both boys (2.5 and now 4.5 year olds). My toddler has tried weaving once, but since then hasn’t shown much interest at all.  ( I still include his things just in case). 

I ask him: I craft every now and then,  and when I do, I ask my preschooler if he'd like a try.

I relate this skill back to our beloved prophet ﷺ: I tell my preschooler about how our prophet ﷺ mended his clothes and fixed things around the home.  When we follow his footsteps we will get more rewards, God willing. 

What's in our Sewing Basket:

Toddler Materials: 
Plastic Yarn Needles (large needles which are easy for small hands to hold)
Acrylic Yarn and twine
A Wooden Hoop
Burlap (the weave of this material has large holes, you can also use canvas mesh)

Preschooler Materials:
Sewing Needle (use one with a large eye to make threading easier. Metal yarn needles will also work)
Large Wooden Hoop 
Canvas Fabric
Felt Pieces
Embroidery Thread

Plastic Yarn needles look like this (see below). They're great to use on material with larger weave holes like: burlap (hessian), canvas mesh and onion sacks. All materials can be purchased from Spotlight (Australia) or any local art stores.

The benefits of sewing include:

  • Improves hand-eye coordination 
  • Develops and refines fine motor skills
  • Learn patience
  • Improves concentration
  • Builds self confidence 
  • It's a life long skill
  • Helps them use their creativity and imagination


When to start?

Start when your child is ready and shows interest. If they show interest it means they'll enjoy this more and maintain focus. You know your child’s strengths and weaknesses, so work with that. If your toddler can start holding things, start weaving with items at home (I've listed a few ideas below). As they progress introduce the plastic yarn needle. 

Weaving for toddlers can look like this:

Baking Rack and Ribbon

Cardboard and a shoe lace 

You have control to make the holes as big as you want. Ideal for both toddlers and preschoolers. 

If you love nature you can create a weaving loom from sticks and twine! I have not done this yet, but will update this blog with photo once I do. 

My preschooler has sewn some prayer mats for our Qur'an Inspired Ramadan activity last year. 

He continued with this 'ayah' inspired piece which I am yet to turn into a cushion.

He is currently working on his Masjid piece which I plan to turn into a library bag for him, God willing.


I love that he enjoys this so much! I really hope this blog post is useful and has inspired you to start sewing with your little one!!

We love seeing your little ones use our learning resources. If you choose to share your images or lessons on social media please tag us @brb_raisingkids or leave a review/comment below.


Zed + Q

SubhanAllah. Such a wonderful idea.

Zed + Q

Thank you for sharing this with the benefits and ideas on how to get started. Such a great way to develop life long skills and love how you’ve related it back to the Prophet (SAW).

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