Season Tree Crafts

Season Tree Crafts

Our first craft for Yaseen's Linear Calendar is inspired by "My First Book of Islamic Months". (Read about the linear Calendar HERE). The Islamic Months were based on seasons. However, since the Hijri calendar moves up 11 days each year, this doesn't apply anymore. This didn't stop me from teaching Yaseen the seasons though. 


We went through the meaning of each Islamic month and decided to create Season Trees which correspond to the Gregorian calendar instead (this makes more sense as the seasons remain consistent). 

What You Need:

  • x4 Cardboard Tree Cut outs (sun, clouds, flowers and leaves optional)
  • PVA Glue 
  • Tissue Paper
  • Bark (optional)


How To Make:

1.  Start by cutting out trees from thick cardboard. I used an old box. You can also cut a sun, clouds, flowers and leaves. 

2. Then either cut or tear tissue paper into approx. 4-5cm bits.

3.  Prepare your glue and items together. This is a great time to discuss colours, and seasons with your child. Yaseen wanted to start with winter. So we discussed features of the winter tree.


4. Apply glue to cardboard base, then scrunch a tissue paper into a ball. The more you scrunch the paper the smaller it will be. Stick to base. 


5. Continue to scrunch and stick to base until all trees are complete.  


6. Now they're ready to be displayed. We've displayed ours on top of our Linear Calendar. You can read all about it HERE

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