Montessori Inspired DIY Coloured Tablets

Montessori Inspired DIY Coloured Tablets

Here's another easy DIY that I love; Montessori Coloured Tablets.  I recently made these as part of Yaseen's lessons at home. I'll be using them as an introductory tool for primary colours as well as teaching him new vocabulary in Arabic and Indonesian. 

These tablets are sensorial materials which are presented in the 3-6 year Montessori environment. They assist with visual discrimination, perception of colours and language. They come in 3 boxes; 1, 2 & 3. I'm starting with box 1 which consists of primary colours; Red, Yellow and Blue. 

The coloured cards used were paint samples found Bunnings (just find some at your local hardware store). I used; Ocean Charm, Red Alert and Yellow Alert.

You need a pair of each coloured tablet, so just 1 card of each colour. ( I ended up getting 2 cards of each colour, then realised I could cut 1 card in half to get the perfect size). 

What you need:
  • Jumbo craft sticks
  • Paint sample cards
  • Scissors 
  • PVA glue + spread


How to make:

1. Cut the coloured cards in half horizontally. You only need 2 pieces of each. Mine turned out to be 6 cm x 10cm.

2. Cut the sticks the same size as the edge of the card. Then glue one on each side, including the back. You should have 4 pieces of wood on each card.

3. Let them dry and then start exploring!

Blog Edited (27/09/2020) to add ways I've used these with my boys:

Colour matching with fruits for my preschooler.

My toddler was introduced to colour box 1. Red, Yellow and Blue. This is his sorting activity.

(Btw labels are not needed for toddlers).

Out in nature.

Toddler nature match up.

Nature match up for my preschooler.

If you've made these and choose to share your images or lessons on social media please tag us
@brb_raisingkids. We would love to see ways in which these are being used. 

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