'I spy' Alif Ba Ta Sheets

'I spy' Alif Ba Ta Sheets

I like experimenting with different styles and materials when creating activities for Yaseen. It keeps him engaged for much longer. 

These 'I spy Alif Ba Ta' sheets were created for him to learn letter recognition. They're just laminated sheets, so you can take them anywhere you go!! Just have a whiteboard marker and wipe handy!

How to use them:

I ask Yaseen to find and circle the 'chosen' letter. Once he masters that, I ask him to colour it or to trace it. This will come in handy when he starts writing his letters. Now we are learning Arabic words that begin with the 'chosen' letter. So, Yaseen  finds items that begin with the letter and places them on the sheet. 

Download the letter sheets below. Follow us at @brb_raisingkids to stay updated.

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